Back in Germany – First Conclusion

Dear Readers,

Our journey through Russia has come to an end. Yesterday (Saturday 24th June) both cars arrived safely in Rostock. I personally returned from Moscow by plane the previous Wednesday. The journey went very well, although there were of course some ‘small’ obstacles to overcome, but I’ll report more on this point later.

In nearly four weeks we traveled almost 8000 km, visited 11 cities, viewed three holy places or temples, reached an altitude of over 2300m, ate what seemed like 100 kg of shish kebab and in the process experienced no less than an adventure. For me personally, I can say this journey has had an impact on me – especially the people I was privileged to meet impressed me deeply!

I would like to thank all those who made this trip possible! First my team, those who were on the road as well as those who covered the tasks at home! I would particularly like to mention Tomas and Alexander whose contributions were immense. Everyone else has done far more than I could expect! Thank you for helping me realize my dreams!

In addition, I would also like to thank my family, who helped me with the preparations; Maria (Liberty Tours), who accommodated our spontaneity in travel planning when booking and canceling the hotels; my friend Andreas Herzog (Stenzel Versicherungen) who had to satisfy my need for security; Auto repair shops: Ferdinand Schulz successor (Volkswagen), Auto Service Petersen (disabled vehicle conversion of vehicles), Car Center Südstadt (Ford and wheelchair-friendly conversion of vehicles), Kfz Master Röllig (independent workshop) and ATU (independent workshop) all supported repairs on a short notice; Rehatechnik Möller, Human Electronics, Rometsch as well as the company OTB for the often very short-term support with material and working time availability; the Graphic and Design Company and all other companies for your support!

Special thanks goes to Mrs Tiemann from the Bundeswehr Social Services. Without the financial support of my former employer by the Bundesamt for Personnel Management of the Bundeswehr and its staff, this project would have remained a dream. Almost all the personnel costs as well as the costs for a large part of the required material were assumed from them according to legal guidelines.

I would also like to thank all my friends, especially Torsten and Bianca! You all have not only spurred me on this journey and made this project possible, but you help me through life daily!

How to continue: the blog is in no way finished, there are still many stations to describe, including my missing „comments“. For my friends who speak only English or Russian, I would like to translate the entries accordingly. But even when this is all done, it will go on. My love of traveling has seized me again and Russia has awakened my fascination.

Dear Readers please excuse the delay for entries. Check back in and stay faithful in my time of processing this present journey as well as during the preparation of my next. There will most certainly be more…to be continued.


Christian Tiffert



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