Arrival in Moscow

After we got tickets with Thorston and Bianas‘ help on a short-term notice to the soccer game, Chile against Cameroon, we wanted, of course, to be in Moscow on time. So we split the team up a bit. After Christian was sitting in the wheelchair and safely buckeled into the bus, we set out on our journey. While Alexander, Christian and Tomas were on the way to Moscow with the blue bus, Svetlana, Conny and Harro arranged the hotel rooms, ordered the material and checked out. To keep things simple, Christian left Swetlana with his credit card to pay the bill. A procedure which had already proven itself several times on this trip. Although there was occasionally a question due to the missing signature, Svetlana generally talked her way out of any serious inconvenience. The first time the problem occured she simply responded to the question about the missing signature, „… this is a black credit card that must not be signed, don‘t you know that?“ Paired with her facial expression, that was the end of any additonal discussion.

This time, however, it did not work in our Moscow hotel. Despite the much later departure time, the white bus overtook the blue blus shortly after half of the route, presumably due to the hp of the engine. As agreed, the three went directly to the hotel. When Christian asked for the address of the hotel, he immediately replied himself, „stupid question: of course, a hotel where we stayed before was is still in the navi“. He unfortunately did not consider that there was more than one Holiday Inn in Moscow. After much to and fro, we finally arrived at our hotel. Only annoying that this time the prepayment did not work, so there was not even a key for us… „find your road“ – some hours later this problem was solved and as always: all‘s well that ends well!

At the same time our comrades in the football-interested blue bus reached the stadium. True to our motto: „act self-assured even without having a clue“, we passed all controls without a problem due to Christian‘s disabled ID card, ‚smuggling‘ the car right up to the VIP and press entrance. However, from there we couldn‘t get any further without maps and the corresponding „Fan ID“. With Alexander on the roof of the car, Bianca piloted us in by phone. Now quickly getting the fan ID we continued on. Since noone really knew where we should park, they simply let us pass. Of course not without first looking through the bus (felt a little like the reports of the German-German border crossing). The global fear of terrorist attacks is now part of all such major sporting events. We went straight to the stadium.

Now the fun could start. The nice thing about Russia is that there is almost always a solution to every problem, this time as well. While Tomas and Alexander parked the car, Bianca and I were brought to our seats. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the very dedicated crew of FIFA. Normally, transports with wheelchairs get information on where to park days before their arrival. Without having such information, we simply parked right next to the buses of the players … (find your road or in this case parking).

The game itself was very interesting and exciting. For Christian, however, it was even more exciting to talk with the Russian fans around him. Due to so much talking, they missed the goals, but there was in the end beautiful photos and a friend more in this world. But for everyone, it was an unforgettable experience to see the football game live in the stadium.

Dear Bianca and Torsten, thank you very much for making this possible!

In the end we all met again and even Christian our Kameramann could watch the second half of the game. Quite relaxed, we went to the hotel and the problem with the rooms had been solved. Christian and Christian finished the evening quite comfortably at the hotel bar.


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